How Are AC/DC Hall-Effect Current Clamps Specified?


AYA offers a very extensive line of precision clamp-on AC current transformers that are specified just like standard closed-core current transformers. The specifications of an AC clamp includes the current range that it is designed for, the output that it delivers at full scale, the input-output current ratio, the size of the window opening, the voltage rating, the accuracy and other parameters. Clamps whose output signal is a current also include burden rating in VA at a specified load resistance. Clamps that provide a voltage output incorporate a current-to-voltage converter and their specifications include a minimum load resistance for obtaining the specified accuracy. Two such AC current clamps are shown below.

Current Clamp with Current Output Current Clamp with Voltage Output
Current Clamp with Current Output Current Clamp with Voltage Output


Current Clamps that can measure both AC and DC current simultaneously incorporate such Hall-Effect sensors which are placed in the path of the magnetic field of the clamp. If the magnetic field is generated by an AC current under measurement, the output is an AC signal. If the magnetic field is generated by a DC current under measurement, the output signal is a DC signal. An AC/DC clamp also includes a battery and a signal conditioner which converts the Hall-Effect output current into a calibratable voltage that is available at the output terminals of the clamp.

AC/DC HALL-EFFECT CURRENT CLAMPS Hall Effect Current Clamp Hall Effect Current Clamp

AYA AC/DC Microclamps AYA AC/DC Mid-Size Current Clamp AYA AC/DC Current Clamp - 7500 Amperes

The AYA AC/DC current clamps are bidirectional. They can measure POSITIVE DC current, NEGATIVE DC current, AC current or a combination of AC and DC currents. Their current measuring range is specified to indicate the full scale DC current and the full scale AC current in Peak-to-Peak values. If the AC current is a pure sinewave, its RMS value is 0.707 of the sinewave peak, which is also 0.707 of the DC current rating of the clamp. Its Peak-to-Peak value is twice the DC current rating.

Current Clamp Sign Wave

For Example:

The Model P3C-7500-A current clamp has a full scale of either +7,500 Amperes DC or -7,500 Amperes DC. However, it can also measure accurately any AC current or AC/DC combination whose positive peak is as high as +7,500 Amperes and whose negative peak is as high as -7,500 Amperes. This can be expressed as a rating of 15,000 Amperes Peak-to-Peak. If the current is a pure AC sinewave, its RMS value is:

0.707 X 7,500 = 5,302.50 Amperes RMS.


For high current applications, AYA offers open frame Hall-Effect Transducers that can measure up to 30,000 Amperes peak-to-peak and 15,000 Amperes DC. THey require an external power source for the excitation circuit and for the internal signal conditioner.

Hall Effect Current Transducer
Open-Frame Hall-Effect AC/DC Current Transducer